My Passion For Fashion


Welcome to my career tab! This portion of my blog is most definitely an ongoing, learning experience, and I am so excited to figure out more as I go! As I have mentioned before, I attend the University of Alabama where I am pursuing a major in Apparel and Textiles with a concentration in Fashion Retailing, with a minor in News Media. I absolutely love to write and love the fashion industry, so this is my space to share my journey learning how to blend the two together and become a professional. My main vision for this portion of my blog is to share all of my experiences from getting farther into the fashion industry with future internships and school, and lots of professional development. This entire next year, I will be preparing and applying for future internships, and I can’t wait to share every detail and see where God and my education take me. I am so excited to start writing about my conversations, tips and advice, and what I have learned from so many people around me who I can call my role models. This section is one that I specifically want major engagement, advice, and conversations with my followers about, so please reach out at any time you feel like you have information to share!