Happy Summer from MVY!

Happy Summer everyone!!

I am officially a Vineyard girl this summer and loving every minute of every day! I wanted to place this post on my home page to answer any common questions you might have about my summer.

If you are in the New England area this summer, I would love to show you around Martha’s Vineyard!!

Since the beginning of May, I have been doing everything possible to explore Martha’s Vineyard. The weather here on a sunny day is at maximum 75 degrees for now, which makes for a perfect, refreshing day outside.

I am working full time at Soft As A Grape - Edgartown, a New England apparel wholesaler with 13 retail stores across New England, stretching from Rhode Island to all along Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard, with one store in Celebration, Florida.

I am a Retail Intern for Soft As A Grape, and learning so much to benefit my education and my resume back at school, where I am working towards a degree in Apparel and Textiles with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising with two minors in General Business and News Media. I am figuring out ALL the things for next year, as I will finish classes at school next May (2020) and then take another internship throughout next summer, and another next fall to graduate next December (2020) and officially enter the fashion retailing industry! I can definitely say that this time is absolutely flying by, but I have some VERY exciting plans for the next year and a half of my life!

I am loving life on MVY and figuring out all the "adulting” things in such a wonderful place. Martha’s Vineyard has 6 towns, and I am living in Oak Bluffs and working in Edgartown (so I get to drive along an amazing beach road twice a day!)

Some of my “off-day hobbies” on the island are biking, photography of anything & everything MVY, reading, laying on the beach, and shopping along all the fantastic stores. I’m loving trying out new restaurants and doing new things throughout every single week.

I have attended some amazing Vineyard events so far, such as Edgartown Pink and Green Weekend, and am excited to attend many more events this summer such as Martha’s Vineyard’s first music festival, (Beach Road Weekend), Oak Bluffs Harborfest, the Oak Bluffs Fireworks, the West Tisbury Agricultural Fair, and many more, and am especially excited for my favorite holiday, the Fourth of July! I love local events and the planning that goes into them, and I’m excited to be working directly with one exciting event in Edgartown in July! Stay tuned!

I am looking forward to doing brief Cape Cod traveling before going back home to school, specifically Newport, RI and Nantucket! On the way to MVY, I got to visit Stamford, CT for the first time as well as NYC once again, and now I’m learning so much about all the amazing places along the Cape.

If you’ve visited MVY or Cape Cod before, or just anywhere in New England, I would love to hear about your experience and any recommendations you may have.

I would love for you to keep up with my blog posts throughout this summer on the Vineyard, and be sure to follow my Instagram, @mcrowstyle, for daily photos of MVY!