Becoming a Bookworm

Hello to all of the book lovers out there!!

Even if you’re not a lover of reading books that are novels of fiction/nonfiction, you still might enjoy more of the “coffee table” style books! I tend to love both but be more favorable of a colorfully illustrated book that’s full of fun ideas and phrases and short stories!


I am becoming more of a book worm as I get older and am going to share some of my favorite books of all genres!


·      All in Good Taste – Kate Spade New York

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-       Kate Spade’s All in Good Taste is a book for all occasions! This is probably my favorite book that I own because it’s extremely chic, colorful, classy, and inspirational. This book is a good book to flip through on a rainy day, use for hosting, cooking, decorating, lifestyle, and personal style tips and tricks, is pretty for displaying, and would make the PERFECT gift for just about any girl out there for any occasion! I would gift this book for birthdays, brides, thank-yous, get-well-soon, or just a “happy” spur of the moment pick-me-up for a friend.

-       Some of my favorites included in this book are: “a toast in a pinch,” “the new york brunch,” “anatomy of a cheese plate,” “the art of flirtation,” “e is for exiting a taxi gracefully,” and “seventy-two words that make everything sound marvelous.”


·      The Little Book of Self Care

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-       The Little Book of Self Care is perfect for anyone seeking refreshment and relaxation. It is a hand-held book featuring 200 individual pages of self-care activities and how to do them. My favorites are, “do a quick at-home facial,” “take a long, hot bath,” “design a goal board,” “take a mental vacation,” “have dessert for dinner,” “making your own sugar body scrub,” “watch the sunset and sunrise in one day,” and so many more unique ideas I would have never come up with myself!


·      Embraced: 100 Devotions to Know God is Holding You Close – Lysa TerKeurst

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-       Embraced is not a daily devotional, but rather an entire book centered around 100 devotions for any time in your life. This book is personal and real, and defeats many stereotypes of being a Christian. Some of the chapters in this book are titled, “if you’re feeling overlooked and unappreciated,” “a life with extraordinary impact,” “rest and reassurance,” and “read this before making that decision.” I highly recommend picking up this book no matter what phase of life you are in because it has relatable devotions for all seasons!


·      So Much to Celebrate: Entertaining the Ones You Love The Whole Year Through – Katie Jacobs

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-       So Much to Celebrate is the most adorable book ever! This book makes an AMAZING gift for a woman of any age, as long as they love to cook, bake, or entertain! This book is full of incredible photography of parties, food, and hosting ideas. The book is organized by the four seasons, spring, summer, winter, and fall, and has a section for “parties” for each season, and a “menu and recipes” for each season as well. Some of my favorites in this book are the “fairy-tale fern white linen luncheon,” “backyard movie night,” “milkshake social,” “gingerbread house decorating party,” “cookies and cocktails,” “southern skillet cream biscuits,” and “how to build a champagne tower.” This book is FULL of amazing ideas and recipes so if you love to cook or host or just want fun family ideas, go get a copy!!


·      Entertain in Style: Tablescapes & Recipes For the Modern Hostess – Pizzazzerie

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-       Entertain in Style is probably the most beautiful book I have ever looked at! The photography and decorations are simply stunning throughout this book. The book is organized by different parties, such as a “New Years Day Brunch,” “Derby Party,” “Birthday Celebration for Her,” “a Modern May Day Lunch,” “Charleston Garden Party,” “Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta,” and more! For each party there are several photos of the party and table set up, table decorations, party favors, recipes, cocktails, desserts, and a DIY idea! I would most definitely gift this book to any young woman just getting her own place or the woman you know loves to host! This book would also make a great “coffee table” book!


·      Things We Love – Kate Spade New York

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-       Things We Love is a beautiful, vibrant, happy, and fun book to look through! As this book is rather large, it is perfect to set out on display in your home! This book goes by twenty listed “things we love” and has several photographed and illustrated pages for each. Some of my favorites are, “new york, new york,” “summer,” “the cha-cha,” “an element of surprise,” “all that glitters,” “a sense of humor,” and, “beautiful type.” This book is so full of element and inspiration that I could look through it for hours! This book is the perfect birthday, graduation, or bestie gift!

·      New York Through a Fashion Eye – Megan Hess

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-       I found “New York Through a Fashion Eye” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and fell in love with this little gem! This book is illustrated incredibly and is perfect for any NYC lover or fashionista! This book is organized by “do/play,” “shop,” “sleep,” and “eat/drink.” If you are traveling to New York, I highly recommend ordering this book because the recommendations throughout are phenomenal and out-of-the-box! There are so many places in this book that I have never even heard of in NYC, but would love to do/see! Each listing features a small paragraph all about the place or experience, and gives the address of the listing, which is perfect for planning your travel!


·      Fashion House: Illustrated Interiors from the Icons of Style – Megan Hess

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-       Fashion House is one of my very favorites! This book is all things interiors and is fabulous to look at. The book takes you through staple pieces such as, “the electric chair,” “the portrait piece,” “the striking rug,” and goes on into “rooms to swoon over,” such as, “the Bergdorf room,” “the Dior room,” “the Audrey room,” and any designer or style icon you can dream of! The illustrations are phenomenal in this one and it will have you wanting to turn your house into everything colorful, disco, and designer!


·      Coco Chanel: The Illustrated World of a Fashion Icon” – Megan Hess

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-       If you are a Chanel lover, or even if you’re just a fashion lover, this book is for you! This one takes you through the entire life and designs of Coco Chanel, illustrated super chic and classical. The book features three large chapters, “the woman,” “the brand,” and “the legend.” The entire book is illustrated in classy black and white with touches of light pink and red, and is one you will look through all day!


·      Vogue on Coco Chanel – Bronwyn Cosgrave

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-       There is an entire large series of “Vogue On” books, but I love this one! More of a book to read than illustrated, this book is all things Coco Chanel. The chapters are, “easy elegance,” “fashion forward,” “nonchalance deluxe,” “golden age,” and “the comeback.” If you’re into studying designers or just fashion history at all, I recommend this one!


·      The Dress: 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion – Megan Hess

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-       The Dress is such a classical and historical book that’s illustrated stunningly. The chapters in this one are, “designers,” “icons,” “weddings,” “music,” “film,” and, “Oscars.” This book takes you through 100 moments, people, and designers who have made and worn remarkable dresses. This book is perfect for the fashion lover, and especially anyone who loves high fashion!


·      The Bergdorf Goodman Cookbook – Laura Silverman

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-       I spotted this book while at Bergdorf Goodman this past fall and received it from my aunt for Christmas! If you are a Bergdorf Goodman lover, you should definitely order this one! My favorite restaurant in all of New York City is the Bergdorf Goodman café because of the elegance, the unmatched flavoring of the food, the experience, the interior design, and the stunning view of Central Park out of your window! This cookbook features funky illustrations and recipes from the BG Café, organized by cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, soups and starters, salads, entrees, and desserts! I can’t wait to start cooking all the BG goodness!


·      Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman – Sara James Mnookin

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-       After watching the documentary called, “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman” in one of my fashion retailing classes at school, I was so excited to find this book at Bergdorf Goodman in New York. This book tells all things about BG and has multiple stories from celebrities, employees, personal shoppers, and lifetime-long BG shoppers, and the chapters are, “better than therapy,” “notorious shoppers,” “designers on display,” and “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman.” Even if you haven’t ever visited BG, this book is so incredibly interesting and fun to read! Stories are featured from people such as Joan Rivers, Christian Louboutin, and more.


·      Whiskey in a Teacup – Reese Witherspoon

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-       Whiskey in a Teacup is a book for women of all ages! Reese tells her life story, favorite recipes, experiences, family stories, and more in this colorful and Southern charm of a book. Some of the chapters are, “the magic of sweet tea,” “hot rollers, red lipstick, & steel magnolias,” “Dolly Parton, southern icon,” “catching frogs & selling lemonade,” and more! As you can tell from the names of these chapters, reading this book is pure fun and laughter, and you can get some amazing Southern cooking recipes from it, too (my fav)! I most definitely recommend gifting this book to your sister, mom, grandmother, aunt, or any Southern lady in your life!


·      Classic Style: Hand it Down, Dress it Up, Wear it Out – Kate Schelter

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-       Classic Style is a book for all things fun and inspiration! This book features Kate Spade style watercolor illustrations that are sure to make flipping through this one adorable. Some of the chapters are, “define,” “simplify,” “reinvent,” and “own it.” I think this book is super American themed and perfect for any style-loving classical girl!


·      SHE: Muses, Visionaries, and Madcap Heroines – Kate Spade New York

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-       SHE is the book of all women! This large book features photos and stories of women of all time, such as Carrie Bradshaw and Iris Apfel. The book is organized by phrases such as, “she can light up a room,” “she’s the first to give a toast and the last to say goodbye,” and “she prefers rocking boats to safe bets.” Equal between illustration and words, this book is historical, inspirational, informational, and promotes all things incredible women. This book is perfect for the motivated and girl-power driven woman who loves to study womanhood, style, movies, historical icons, and more.


·      Ladurée Tea Time: The Art of Taking Tea

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-       Tea Time is another book I bought from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and I love this one! It comes in a quaint pink box and is a book full of photos and interesting information all about tea! Some of the chapters are, “imperial tea,” “british tea,” “royal tea,” “tea and brunch,” “tea party,” and more. This book also gives tons of recipes for of course, tea, but also pasties, marcarons, and more. If you’ve ever had a Laudrée macaron in New York or any of their other locations, that is where this book comes from! This book would make a great gift for a bride!


·      Humans of New York: Stories – Brandon Stanton

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-       Humans of New York is an incredible book in so many ways. Each page is a photo and an excerpt from a conversation with a random person in the midst of New York City. The people range from all over the globe and the conversations are about everything under the sun, some happy, some sad, some really sad, and some inspirational! This book is so, so neat to look at and not to read all at once!

·      When Life Gives You Lululemons – Lauren Weisberger

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-       This New York Times Bestseller is one of my favorite novels ever! This book is funny, refreshing, and a break from reality! This book, I know, will be made into the best movie someday!! I highly recommend this novel for any upbeat girl.

I hope you find some bookworm inspiration from some of my favorites, and if you have any recommendations send them my way through the comments! I definitely hope to post more books after I read some of my new favorites I have recently purchased! Xo