January Bucket List

Hello, January, hello, 2019!!!

I always feel so refreshed at the start of a new year. A blank book. A blank chapter of my life that I want to live to the fullest! Though January can be rather low-key, dull, and dreary in Alabama, it’s a great time to become more in-tune with yourself and what you hope to accomplish in your life. January is a great month to clean out your spaces, get rid of old or pointless things, and start new and fresh. I encourage you to spend time this month evaluating your life- the things that are working, the things that are not, good habits, bad habits, prospective habits, and changes that need to be made. Don’t bring your dreadful habits into a new year, and try picking up stress-free new habits, such as keeping a prayer journal or walking/running a mile a day!

Here’s my January Bucket List (more like “to-do list”)

-       Make a new friend

-       Buy a new planner

-       Clean out my closet

-       Become more organized

-       Set exercise goals

-       Drink mostly water

-       Read my “Jesus Calling” daily devotional every night

-       Start a prayer journal

-       Cook more at home

-       Try new recipes

-       Buy new school supplies

-       Think about yearly goals

-       Attend church more

-       Take better care of my skin

(product recommendations accepted!)

-       Read more books (!!!!!!!)

-       Nap less

-       Eat healthier

-       Put words into action

I found a “January Purge Checklist” on Pinterest that I really liked, so I’m sharing it now.


  • outgrow clothing

  • outdated shoes

  • torn clothing

  • old hats

  • shoe boxes

  • old blankets

  • clutter in drawers


  • empty bottles

  • old brushes

  • trash

  • ripped towels

  • old bath mats (replace)

  • expired medicine

  • old hair ties

  • expired sunscreen


  • no lid tupperware

  • cracked plates

  • chipped glasses

  • mismatched sets

  • expired canned foods

  • stale pantry food

  • expired fridge foods

  • combine cleaning liquids

  • unused appliances

  • broken/scratched dishware

  • bottles without lids

  • unneeded cookbooks


  • shred documents

  • old keys

  • dried out pens

  • old cords/adapters

  • old business cards

I also found January Journal Prompts, which could also just be some beneficial and important things to think about this month.

  • what 3 things would you like to accomplish this year?

  • how can you keep yourself accountable for achieving your goals?

  • are there goals from last year you didn’t accomplish? why weren’t you successful?

  • what are you most proud of from last year?

  • one word to describe the upcoming year.

  • what are you ready to let go of?

  • write a goodbye letter to last year

  • tomorrow I will…

  • what makes you sad? angry? fearful?

  • what makes you happy? content? feel alive?

  • a new skill you’d like to learn.

Happy January, everyone!