N Y C-eries / Farewell, Henri Bendel

Welcome to my blog post series, “N Y C-eries,” consisting of posts about my favorite places in all of New York City so far!

This post is rather sad to write, because the iconic Henri Bendel officially closed its doors on January 17, 2019, after being open since 1907. Henri Bendel’s signature was the brown and white striped shopping bag and hatbox, and its flagship store was located at 714 5th Avenue, New York City.

If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, you know that Blair and Serena frequently shopped in Henri Bendel, as HB can be seen in many episodes. As the show was airing weekly, Henri Bendel even did a Gossip Girl themed window display.

Many celebrities were shoppers of Henri Bendel, from Heidi Klum to Taylor Swift to Paris Hilton to Jessica Simpson to Kylie Jenner and more. Bendel frequently referred to its customers on social media as #bendelgirls! HB also frequently did collaborations with artists in store to create exciting and unique products. One of my favorite Henri Bendel product lines was their very own candle line, featuring scents like Manhattan Frost, Winter in New York, Rose All Day, Cashmere, and so many great others. The three-story Fifth Avenue location was truly a staple to Fifth Avenue fashion, and it’s devastating to see it go.

Though Bendel has officially closed its doors and website, you can still read about their brand on their blog website (while still available) here: https://www.henribendel.com/us/bloglite-lp.html.

Since, unfortunately, I can’t make any Henri Bendel recommendations, I’ll close here and include some of my favorite photos I took on visits to Henri Bendel. HB was one of my favorite stops on the “Gossip Girl Tour” I once did in New York City!


Although Henri Bendel’s shut down product website says “goodbye for now,” we #bendelgirls don’t exactly know what that means, but can only hope that one day we will see the return of Henri Bendel. Til then, xoxo, HB!