N Y C-eries / Central Park

Welcome to my mini New York City series, “N Y C-eries!”

This post is all about my favorite place in all of New York City, Central Park. Central Park, to me, brings busy New York City together in a sense of community, by appreciation of friendships, art, music, community, and nature. Even in the winter season, there are so many new and exciting things taking place inside of Central Park that will mix-it-up among the hustle and bustle of busy New York life.

Located beside neighbors like Bergdorf Goodman, The Plaza Hotel, The American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and more, Central Park drowns in all kinds of rich history, but I wanted to share some of my favorite interesting facts about Central Park! The park can be spotted in over 350 movies, basically any movie that is set in New York City will have scenes in the park. Some of my favorite movies / t.v. shows that include Central Park scenes are: Serendipity, Gossip Girl, 13 Going on 30, Bride Wars, When Harry Met Sally, Elf, Home Alone 2, Friends with Benefits, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 27 Dresses, and so, so many more!

The official website of Central Park can be visited here: http://www.centralparknyc.org

Central Park also is the home of many different restaurants and concession stands, but among my favorites are Tavern on the Green (read my post about Tavern here: https://www.mcrowstyle.com/blog/2019/1/17/jxevqevrrxp47ks8sacvx53qpz5pm7) and The Loeb Boathouse. You can reach their websites here: https://www.tavernonthegreen.com and here: http://thecentralparkboathouse.com.

Also in the park is the place of one of my favorite New York memories, the Wollman Ice Skating Rink! You can visit their site here: http://www.wollmanskatingrink.com.

Central Park offers a variety of different tours, such as Central Park Movie Tours, and horse and carriage tours. Central Park features it’s very own carousel, as well as the Central Park Zoo (https://centralparkzoo.com). There are also several Central Park apps to help you navigate around and learn all about the park!

my view of Central Park from the top of the Rockefeller

my view of Central Park from the top of the Rockefeller

the Central Park squirrels LOVE to be fed!

the Central Park squirrels LOVE to be fed!


When visiting New York City, I recommend to save a whole day or half-day for walking around and exploring Central Park!