Accepting a Multi-Aesthetic Style


If you’re anything like me, there have been times when you have felt so disappointed and so consumed with your style and especially social media that you feel totally overwhelmed and upset. What I mean by this is that many girls, as I do myself, struggle with feeling like our Instagram profile is not consistent and the photos do not match well together, and that makes us feel disorganized, discouraged, and uninterested. In today’s social media society especially, there is something so ever-pleasing about a profile’s feed that matches perfectly and flows well, to the point it can almost appear that that person’s life is cleaner, better, and more stylish than you own.

It wasn’t until a few months ago when I heard on the radio a talk about how more people now are becoming multi-aesthetic people rather than just “boho,” or “street style” or “southern fashion” type of person only. I instantly connected to this radio podcast because I have always felt like I can have the style of many different trends and characteristics all in one, but that can be difficult, especially when considering blogging or being in the fashion industry, since many people are known for their particular narrow style, because I did not want to seem random.

Since the blogging process takes lots of behind-the-scenes effort and even a few months to create, I have constantly been trying to establish this narrow, perfect, bow-on-top style of my own. It wasn’t until I truly opened my mind to accept the fact that I can have multiple “styles” that I really gained the confidence and preparation skills to begin a blog. I feel so much more open to buying new things or wearing not my “normal” outfits now that I have knocked down the barrier between myself and an open style. I have always leaned more towards little things such as solid pieces rather than printed, but after opening up my thinking and accepting this, I no longer feel “all over the place” if I want to wear an all-black outfit with studded shoes and skull printed leggings, and wear a hot pink blouse with a ruffle skirt and espadrille sandals the next day. The biggest thing I learned in this process is to not limit yourself to one particular semi-basic style because you feel pressured to. It’s so easy to be the girl who always sticks exactly by the trends of her small world, but it’s also super fun to be the girl wearing an outfit nobody would have ever put together except you. This sense of creative thinking and open-mindedness will also start to unfold in other areas of your life, allowing you to try so many new things you would have felt too out-of-the box to try before.

Life is simply too short to feel pressured to blend in, or to be afraid to be a little bit more creative than everyone else. It is so important to realize that in fashion, but especially in areas other than fashion in your life, that your life is your own in every unique way possible. If you find yourself not-so-obsessed with a trend everyone is raving over, don’t waste your time or money on trying to get your hands on it. In the professional world especially for younger adult girls, it’s key to realize that you will go farther and do greater things when you aren’t just like everyone else. Find an area in your life that you feel passionate about, and whether it be popular or not, make it your thing. Or just find what your “thing” is and do more of it, because you will grow from practice of this much more than you will grow trying to stack up a resume or trying to fit in with everyone else. Accept uniqueness more than anything, and never be pressured to fit in with the world. I can assure anyone that a multi-aesthetic style of course, but a multi-aesthetic life is so much more fun than a basic one.

I saw a quote a few weeks ago that I have been loving ever since that said, “How to slowly make every day better: 1. Make a list of things that make you happy. 2. Make a list of things you do every day. 3. Compare the lists. 4. Adjust accordingly.” Whether that be things you do or things you wear, the steps are so useful in living a happier and less stressful personal life! So, even though there are ways to slowly piece your Instagram feed together or post more of things you love, remember that you will feel so much more open-minded and open-hearted if you embrace everything you love and feel stylish in, rather than just a small glimpse.