DO + BE Collection


I’m so happy I can finally share details from the photos I have been posting on @mcrowstyle Instagram! This was my first photoshoot with Abby Bates, my beautiful photographer. The five outfits I photographed in this shoot all followed a black and white theme, and I truly did not even plan it! Every top, as well as the romper and black shorts from this photoshoot are all from the DO + BE line. DO + BE can frequently be seen in local boutiques, and their pieces are at an incredible price point. Each piece of theirs that I showcased in this photoshoot ranged from $42-58. This price range is a great middle between cheap clothes that do not last long, and expensive buys. I can speak volumes for the DO + BE brand about their clothing being durable and well-made. I love these looks because they can be worn for a various number of occasions such as date night, girls night out, college football gamedays, or even just a day on the town. Check out the "shop" link to shop each look I post on Instagram!

Black and white has always been a favorite combination of mine, but in the summertime it truly pops with a fresh tan and some natural lighting. I paired each look with a different piece from Kristalize Jewelry, which is one of my favorite jewelry brands. I have personally met Krista, the owner, several times from working with her at Golden Hanger, and I love her and her brand! All of these outfits can be mixed and matched among white skinny jeans, white flare jeans, white shorts, black shorts, or anything similar. I highly recommend when shopping for timeless pieces, to buy styles and colors that can be worn with several different tops/bottoms, because one piece can easily become 3-4 different outfits this way. I also highly suggest finding pieces for your wardrobe that are simple in color and style, yet have a fun and trendy appearance. I love a good black or white top, because I can wear it for years and style it with different jewelry pieces, pants, and shoes, to get a multitude of fun looks out of one simple buy.

I hope that throughout my posts from this photoshoot, you can see the beauty of simple individuals paired with fun items I have had in my closet for years, to create a brand-new look that I feel cute and confident in. I am working my hardest to achieve a spot on the Like to Know It app, where I will be able to easily link every piece that I wear!! Stay tuned! XOXO