November Bucket List

I have discovered that it is so much fun to make a “bucket list” for each month, just to add fun, new ideas into everyday life! Even if I don’t check off every single thing, it is still exciting to do anything on the list! Most of the ideas for my bucket lists come from various social media pages or recommendations from friends. I would also love to hear any additional ideas you may have, so feel free to send me a text, DM, comment, or anything in between!

November 2018 Bucket List:

  • go to the movies to see “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”

  • host a “Friendsgiving” dinner

  • stock up on Bath and Body Works fall/Christmas scented candles

  • travel

  • read a new book

  • decorate my Christmas tree

  • have a spa day

  • have a movie day in pajamas

  • surprise someone

  • watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

  • buy a new favorite sweater

  • shop for Christmas ornaments

  • do something thoughtful to help someone out

  • plan an exciting date

  • be more in the moment

  • go to a pumpkin patch

  • stock up on Lush holiday bath bombs

  • make new friends

  • exercise more

  • learn to cook something new

  • be organized

  • make someone’s day

  • love others endlessly

  • keep a prayer journal