20 Things I Learned Before 20

20 Things I Have Learned Before 20


1.    It will always get better

-       No matter what the circumstance is, it will always get better. There are so many times I can look back on and remember how awful I felt, and now realize how much better it got. If nothing else helps, time always will.


2.    Don’t sweat the small things

-       There are so many times when I’ve gotten so needlessly upset over the smallest little thing, especially when I feel like someone is unhappy with me. But, the reality of it is, is that small things aren’t worth the sweat. I’ve learned to always do my best, and forget about the rest! You just can’t win them all.


3.    Never lose who you are

-       Whenever times may be bad or I’ve been in a strong disagreement with someone/something, I’ve learned it’s important to always stay true to who I am. Situations can get extremely messy from time to time, but it’s important to never lose your composure or make a fool of yourself. Swallowing your pride or taking the road less traveled is so much more important than losing who you are.


4.    When no one else is there, God is there

-       I can remember several instances when I’ve felt like there is just no one in the world who could help the situation I’ve been in. No matter how small the issue, it’s easy to feel alone. Whenever I feel alone, drowned in tears, I always resort to prayer. God will always be there.


5.    Always be true to you  

-       Never let anyone or anything make you do something you don’t want to do! If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Staying true to who you are, your beliefs, and morals, will always feel better than wishing you did.


6.    It costs zero dollars to be a nice human being

-       This quote is my favorite for so many reasons! No matter how much money you may have or spend, always remember being nice is free (and more important)!


7.    You are always a vital voice

-       I have learned that my voice always matters. No word of encouragement, vote, opinion, or knowledge is too small. I always love to do my part, or be a part!


8.    Always go for it

-       You never know unless you try! If you don’t get chosen/selected/etc., oh well, but at least you have the experience from trying. Going for it also makes you feel so much more confident in trying next time versus trying for the first time.


9.    Always be nicer than required

-       It’s nice to be nice, but it’s also nice to be the nicest. To me, there’s no way someone can be too nice, and it’s always better to be too nice than not nice enough. You never know what someone’s going through, who’s watching, or where an impression may lead.


10. Eat cake for breakfast

-       Not only do I love to literally eat cake for breakfast, but this quote goes even farther when you really think about it. Eating cake for breakfast symbolizes a tastier diet than a healthier one, but it also reminds me to do what you want/love. In the end, it won’t matter anyway, so eat cake for breakfast!


11. For others to love you, you must love yourself first

-       I have learned that loving yourself is so important!! To feel and accept love from others, you must love yourself. Loving yourself does not have to be selfish or conceited, but rather comfortable with who you are. You will never accept genuine love from others with an insecure mind, because you’ll question why they love you anyway. You always accept the love you think you deserve, so the more confident and comfortable you are in loving yourself, the better love you’ll accept.


12. You are your own worst enemy

-       The truth is, you’re the hardest person on your own self. The smallest things that eat you alive about yourself are more than likely things that others don’t even notice. It’s so important not to tear yourself apart to the core, because in reality, others probably don’t either notice, or care, because they love you anyway.


13. Self-care is so important!

-       Taking care of myself is probably the most important thing I can do each day to benefit my life. Not going out when I don’t feel like it, going for late night ice cream just because, hot baths after a night of studying, drinking extra water, going to bed early, etc. are just a few ways I truly get so much out of and that keep my spirits uplifted, mind clear, and self-esteem boosted!


14. We were made for Heaven, not earth

-       No amount of money, cozy sweaters, skinny jeans, Lush bath bombs, Louis Vuitton purses, fancy cars, good Instagrams, David Yurman rings, Gucci belts, or iPhone X’s will travel to heaven with us. It’s so important to remember that Heaven is our eternal home, not earth, and we will go before God as our souls alone, not with any material item we will ever own.


15. Mistakes are inevitable

-       This is one of the most important and most challenging things I have ever had to learn. Mistakes and sin are both inevitable. No matter how hard you try, you will never be perfect. It is purely human nature to mess up. Though being perfect is the ideal life goal, it’s also the most unachievable life goal. Thankfully, God loves our perfectly imperfect selves for who we are and not what we do, or don’t do.


16. Life goes on

-       At the end of the day, life goes on! No matter how embarrassed I am, tired I am, miserable I am, upset, disappointed, etc. life goes on! At times that I feel like I am not enough, didn’t add up, confused, hurt, or any negative feeling in the world, I have to remember that life goes on. Tomorrow is always a new day, and who’s to say tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life?


17. Experience means more

-       Experience is always better than “things!” I have learned, too, that professionally, experience also tends to mean more than a perfect GPA. It’s so much more worth it to spend money on experiences versus items, and easier to talk about work experience than just be good on paper. Always experience!


18. Be the friend you would want to have

-       Friends always come and go, and the older you get, the more obvious it is who your true friends are! All friendships have phases of close and far, but no matter what, it’s always important to be the friend you would want to have. Always treat others the way you would want to be treated!


19. Do things today your future self will thank you for

-       I have no idea how I would survive without organization! With organization, I have learned that it is so essential and so helpful to do things now that you will be glad you did in the future, even if it’s just getting ahead in schoolwork.


20. It’s better to be overdressed and overeducated

-       Two things I’ve never felt upset about in a moment were being overdressed or overeducated. It’s never fun to feel unprepared (underdressed) or like you can’t relate/understand (undereducated). In summary, being well prepared is never a bad thing!