Martha's Vineyard Girls Weekend

My mom and her best friend Rachel visited Martha’s Vineyard the first weekend in June, and I’m recapping everything we did because it was such a fun weekend! It was so nice to be able to show my mom and Rachel around the island, because they had both never been before. We were blessed with the most perfect weather throughout the entire weekend, so it really was such a dream weekend for us all!


On Friday, my mom and Rachel flew out of Atlanta into Boston, then boarded the bus to the Martha’s Vineyard ferry terminal in Woods Hole, MA! Next, they took the MVY ferry into Oak Bluffs where I picked them up!

The first thing we did was head into Edgartown and I showed them all of the fun shops along Main Street! We had so much fun shopping, between MVY apparel stores, shoe and jewelry boutiques, Lilly Pulitzer, the very first Vineyard Vines store, a few bookstores, Lululemon, Soft As A Grape (where I work!), and many more!!

We grabbed a late lunch at The Seafood Shanty, which has the best waterfront view of the Edgartown Harbor and Chappaquiddick island, so we got to watch the Chappy Ferry go back and forth during our lunch!

we first spotted the “tigress” during lunch at the seafood shanty, and got a gorgeous view of it again on our way to the winnetu!

we first spotted the “tigress” during lunch at the seafood shanty, and got a gorgeous view of it again on our way to the winnetu!

For dinner, we headed to Vineyard Haven because it was First Friday Cultural Arts Stroll! We had dinner at The Black Dog Tavern at the Black Dog Wharf and Marina, which has beautiful waterfront views and delicious food. After, we strolled along Main Street to catch the tail end of First Friday, followed by the most gorgeous sunset on our way home to Oak Bluffs! The sunset was so pretty that we stopped on the side of the road to watch and take pictures.

how cute is the Lilly pulitzer cape cod collection?!

how cute is the Lilly pulitzer cape cod collection?!


We began Saturday by getting up early and stopping at Espresso Love in Edgartown to get ready to take an entire tour of “up-island” which consists of Chilmark, Aquinnah, West Tisbury, and Gay Head. We saw all of the amazing countryside of Martha’s Vineyard, as well as some incredible houses!! We viewed where the Obama’s have stayed, JAWS filming locations, John Bellushi’s grave, stopped at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market, saw the entrance of the Kennedy family’s Red Gate Farm, Bill Murray’s house, and so many more unique and exciting hidden gems along up-island. We went to the Gay Head Lighthouse and Cliffs, which is one of the most absolutely breathtaking spots on the entire island!!

anyone recognize amity island?! hint: JAWS!!!

anyone recognize amity island?! hint: JAWS!!!

After touring, we went back home to get ready for dinner! For dinner, we had reservations for a water taxi out of the Edgartown Harbor to The Dunes Restaurant at the Winnetu Oceanside Resort. We absolutely loved the water taxi because we got to see some incredible waterfront houses along Edgartown and Chappaquiddick, as well as some very impressive boats! Upon docking in South Beach, we were greeted by our next ride, an antique red firetruck!! The firetruck took us along gorgeous country roads and to the resort. Our dinner was fabulous and the views from the resort were stunning! After taking the Winnetu shuttle back to Edgartown, we stopped in Vineyard Scoops to grab a small treat to call it a night!

mom and I at the gay head lighthouse!

mom and I at the gay head lighthouse!

Sunday I had to work for a few hours, so my mom and Rachel went and explored more of the island on their own! After work, we all met and went to Nancy’s Snack Bar at the Oak Bluffs Marina for bar food and frozen drinks while looking at fabulous boats!! After lunch, we went shopping through downtown Vineyard Haven! After shopping, we picked up John Austin and headed to Menemsha for sunset dinner. We all ordered dinner from Menemsha Fish Market and put down our blankets and chairs on the beach to watch the sunset!!

we were blessed with a breathtaking sunset at menemsha!

we were blessed with a breathtaking sunset at menemsha!

Monday, I had to work a full day, so mom and Rachel finished up their MVY adventures while stopping in Soft As A Grape to bring me lunch and visit! After lunch, I dropped them off at the Oak Bluffs ferry, and the trip was complete. The weekend was absolutely what we all needed to kick off incredible summers! We did not miss one thing, and I can’t wait to have mom and family back on the island in July!

like mother like daughter! xoxo

like mother like daughter! xoxo

Happy Summer from MVY!

Happy Summer everyone!!

I am officially a Vineyard girl this summer and loving every minute of every day! I wanted to place this post on my home page to answer any common questions you might have about my summer.

If you are in the New England area this summer, I would love to show you around Martha’s Vineyard!!

Since the beginning of May, I have been doing everything possible to explore Martha’s Vineyard. The weather here on a sunny day is at maximum 75 degrees for now, which makes for a perfect, refreshing day outside.

I am working full time at Soft As A Grape - Edgartown, a New England apparel wholesaler with 13 retail stores across New England, stretching from Rhode Island to all along Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard, with one store in Celebration, Florida.

I am a Retail Intern for Soft As A Grape, and learning so much to benefit my education and my resume back at school, where I am working towards a degree in Apparel and Textiles with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising with two minors in General Business and News Media. I am figuring out ALL the things for next year, as I will finish classes at school next May (2020) and then take another internship throughout next summer, and another next fall to graduate next December (2020) and officially enter the fashion retailing industry! I can definitely say that this time is absolutely flying by, but I have some VERY exciting plans for the next year and a half of my life!

I am loving life on MVY and figuring out all the "adulting” things in such a wonderful place. Martha’s Vineyard has 6 towns, and I am living in Oak Bluffs and working in Edgartown (so I get to drive along an amazing beach road twice a day!)

Some of my “off-day hobbies” on the island are biking, photography of anything & everything MVY, reading, laying on the beach, and shopping along all the fantastic stores. I’m loving trying out new restaurants and doing new things throughout every single week.

I have attended some amazing Vineyard events so far, such as Edgartown Pink and Green Weekend, and am excited to attend many more events this summer such as Martha’s Vineyard’s first music festival, (Beach Road Weekend), Oak Bluffs Harborfest, the Oak Bluffs Fireworks, the West Tisbury Agricultural Fair, and many more, and am especially excited for my favorite holiday, the Fourth of July! I love local events and the planning that goes into them, and I’m excited to be working directly with one exciting event in Edgartown in July! Stay tuned!

I am looking forward to doing brief Cape Cod traveling before going back home to school, specifically Newport, RI and Nantucket! On the way to MVY, I got to visit Stamford, CT for the first time as well as NYC once again, and now I’m learning so much about all the amazing places along the Cape.

If you’ve visited MVY or Cape Cod before, or just anywhere in New England, I would love to hear about your experience and any recommendations you may have.

I would love for you to keep up with my blog posts throughout this summer on the Vineyard, and be sure to follow my Instagram, @mcrowstyle, for daily photos of MVY!



My Life in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Welcome to my life in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts!! This is the longest I’ve ever been away from home, or from my family, but I am nothing short of amazed at what was right around the corner for me in my life and I had no idea!

Moving 20+ hours away is of course not for everybody, but I am here to tell you that there is SO much power and room for growth and opportunities in just doing anything that switches up your life from the norm, whatever it may be!

On May 3rd, a little over a month ago now, I said goodbye to Alabama and traveled for three days and finally arrived on the Vineyard! I could go on and on for hours and tell you all of the unique and beautiful things about Martha’s Vineyard, but I won’t, because some of the best things about the island are worth keeping secretive for now – that’s what Martha’s Vineyard is about, truly – and, I’ll wait til the end of summer before I create the absolutely complete Martha’s Vineyard travel guide that the world needs!

 I wanted to write this blog post because in one simple month I know that I have learned more about myself than I ever have in my whole life and become more confident and more adventurous, curious, and eager to know than ever just by taking a chance, and a year ago would have loved to read a post like this for that time in my life!


 If you’re anything like me, or at the point in your life that you feel as if you know there is more out there, you want to seek out what more is out there, and you’re ready to start living out your dreams, I can wholeheartedly encourage you that taking the opportunities you have is the best gift you will ever give yourself.

 I never would’ve thought that an internship search that began for New York City would’ve led me to Martha’s Vineyard, and I really wouldn’t have ever thought taking the internship would’ve been so powerful to my life. When you hear about moving away for an internship it’s common to think about being the office slave with a few good Instagram posts along the way, but I can promise you that the right internships are so far from that. My internship consists of learning anything and everything there is to know about running a retail business, whether that be my own or someone else’s. My internship pathway is set out to teach me enough so that at the end of my internship, I could run the business I am working for completely on my own (I’m old enough for that?!?) because of one amazing boss and an incredible Harvard-grad founded company, Soft As A Grape, Inc. Soft As A Grape is a New England based wholesale apparel company with 13 retail stores along Cape Cod such as Falmouth, MA, Woods Hole, MA, Chatham, MA, Mashpee, MA, Newport, RI, Plymouth, MA, Hyannis, MA, Pt. Judith, MA, and three on MVY in Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown, and one in Celebration, FL. I work at the Edgartown store, right next to the ferry to Chappaquiddick! If you’ve ever bought a travel destination apparel item that has block letters spelling out the name of the place, or fun MLB apparel, you’ve probably bought Soft As A Grape!

 Since being on the Vineyard, and being truly on my own for the first time, I have entered completely new phase of life that has been so, so rewarding more than I could have ever deserved or dreamed of.

 Within the first week of living on MVY, I met some incredibly influential people that will forever impact my life that I will be surrounded by for the duration of the summer, which was so helpful in the transition to living in a new place.

 These people have constantly reminded me that this will be the best summer of my life. If you’ve never visited MVY or aren’t familiar with MVY, having the best summer ever is a little different than what you would imagine just a summer at the beach to be. MVY is completely uncommercial, meaning there’s no fast food, no chain restaurants, no beach chair rentals on the beach, no chain hotels, no billboards, no Publix, no Target, no Home Depot or Lowes, no ANYTHING that I’ve always been familiar with my entire life in Alabama. More than just spending money, this makes the biggest difference in your life more than you realize at first. The speed limit is no higher than 40 on the entire island, I’ve been under maybe 1 (?) red light, and the best part: life is extremely stress free.

 I don’t think until you’re without it that you would normally realize how much noise consumes your life, and on MVY, life is so quiet. Of course, there’s summer visitors EVERYWHERE, no parking spaces to be had, lines out of doors, wait times at restaurants etc., but there’s just something about life on MVY that’s so stress-free that you don’t even realize what day it is because Mondays can be just as good as Fridays.


 One of my favorite things that some important people to me on this island have preached to me that I can now understand and live my life by is that every single day will be the best day of my life.

 I will have an amazing day every single day and nothing or nobody will take that away from me. This is my life and I will live with zero regrets and always be as happy as I can be. I will do exactly what makes me happy and I will live to the standard of my own happiness and forget about the things that try to take that down! Why wouldn’t I?

 What the islanders have taught me is that they are people who are always looking out for you, as I should be for other people. This can be seen in so many different big and small ways along this island, even such as that when I am pulling onto a road with traffic, within 3 cars passing by someone will always let you out in front of them. People that come into the clothing store that I work in are always engaging in ways to better me and help me make connections. The community of MVY is always working together and helping everyone they can along the way.

 While new things and places can be awkward and hard, I’ve always remembered that it’s truly not where you are, but who you’re with that makes the impact. Luckily, I am in an amazing destination, but the people here are what makes this island Martha’s Vineyard.

 Some of my favorite things so far that I love about MVY are the many peaceful beaches, the sunsets, the seafood (lobster + shrimp), the natural beauty of the entire historic structure, watching the boats, the local shops, and the uniqueness of living in a world that’s not-so up to date, tech savvy, trend savvy, or out there for the world to see. MVY is quaint and hidden off of the northeastern coast, and the mix of countryside, beach, and small-town USA make this island such a gem to the United States.

 And, of course, never be fooled by believing someone’s life who you read about on the internet is always put together and perfect, because trust me, it’s not always sunny and definitely not always warm here (I’m behind on some beach days), and I’d give absolutely anything to have a Chick Fil A and pay Alabama prices for food and gas again (funny, but true), but what I have learned throughout this journey so far is that your life does not always have to be either picture perfect or a sad story. The most important thing you will ever, ever learn is that your best life is lived when you are one thing: the essential, authentic, real, raw, and true you.

 Your life is your own and your life is what you make it to be, in every situation. On this island, I’ve met some of the most highly blessed and highly tragic struck people, but each carry themselves to life the happiest life they can live day by day. The people of this island are all here to enjoy the simplest parts of what makes life so great, and I’m forever thankful that I have seen this lesson before my eyes.

 Overall, what I love about MVY and what I’ll carry with me forever, is that I can see a movie star, CEO, Kennedy family friend, movie producer, President, you name it on this island (yes, I’ve sold a sweatshirt to a few roles I listed), and they won’t look any different than anybody else. I think everyone should live in a place where you’d never guess who people are or what they have, because they value and enjoy life by measure of quality and nature more than materials and things. MVY is a dream, simply because there is so much to take away from everything around you.

 If I can inspire you with anything that I’ve learned or experienced so far, it’s that your life is 100% what you make it to be. Life is full of opportunities and doors, and it’s up to you to take them!


Breckenridge, Colorado gets the most snow in 20 years

BRECKENRIDGE, Col. - The quaint village town of Breckenridge, Colorado, got the most snow they have gotten in 20 years this past winter season, from December through March. Breckenridge, a small ski town with a population of less than 5,000 people, quickly becomes a hot tourist spot in the peak winter season due to the incredible amounts of snow.

Richard, a local who moved from New Jersey to Breckenridge to pursue a more easy-going lifestyle, said, “the amount of snow we have is amazing. People are still adjusting as far as driving and commuting in from other towns, but our town is booming.” He said he tries to ski for at least 2 hours every day, and drives Uber for the rest of his work day.

In March, the town was getting as much as 16 inches of snow overnight. In the entire winter season, Breckenridge can get up to 300 inches of snow. The tiny population of full-time residents can raise up to over 30,000 in the winter season due to tourists, making Breckenridge one of the most popular mountain towns to visit for snow skiing in America.

John Parker, a college student who chose to visit Breckenridge, CO over spring break said, “coming to Colorado was the greatest travel decision of the year. The snow is fresher and the best to ski on anywhere around.”

The town of Breckenridge is full of ski resorts, mountain themed shops, restaurants, bars, spas, and entertainment. This past winter, many snow skiers had the vacation of their dreams by visiting Breckenridge. The locals as well as tourists feel excited and happy when such large amounts of snow fall over the mountains, as appropriate safety measures are also carefully taken.

*this post was done for University of Alabama coursework

downtown breckenridge, colorado

downtown breckenridge, colorado

the view from the back porch of my ski resort

the view from the back porch of my ski resort

Alabama baseball hosts "Bark at the Park"

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The University of Alabama baseball stadium hosted the event, “Bark at the Park,” last Saturday, March 23rd, 2019. Alabama took on the University of Arkansas and invited fans to bring their dogs to the game for a special event. The event was a success, as many dogs and their owners enjoyed a 75 degree and sunny Saturday at Joe Sewell Stadium, as Alabama swept Arkansas, ending the game with the score of 10-0.


Keith Long, local Tuscaloosa resident and owner of 2-year-old male red fox Labrador retriever, Captain, said his family looked forward to the event for weeks after seeing it advertised by Alabama Athletics on Facebook.


“Captain is always an easy-going and extremely friendly dog. He loves to make friends of all kinds, human and animal. His favorite game is fetch, so our family knew taking him to the Alabama baseball game would be a fun event for all.”


His daughter, Sarah Crow, said that Captain was well behaved and enjoyed a day of meeting lots of new friends in a new atmosphere.


“The hospitality of the Alabama baseball program was incredible. As we entered the entry gate to the dog section, we were given free dog treats and a free Alabama baseball bandana for Captain to wear. There was a bathroom grass area, as well as plenty of bowls filled with cold water for the dogs.”


The Alabama baseball game was full of excitement on and off of the field, as fans, photographers, and children were happy to greet all breeds and sizes of dogs who attended the game. Afterward, several dogs, including Captain, were featured on Alabama Athletics social media pages, to market the event for next time.

*this post was done for University of Alabama coursework*

2 year old red fox Labrador retriever, “Captain”

2 year old red fox Labrador retriever, “Captain”


Venus et Fleur

This past Valentine’s Day I was extremely overwhelmed with love and FLOWERS! My favorite flowers are most definitely hot pink roses, and that’s exactly what I was given by total surprise!

John Austin and I’s four year anniversary of dating is four days after Valentine’s Day, and he went above and beyond and completely surprised me with these beautiful, vibrant pink roses, after he had already delivered me a dozen pink roses on Valentine’s Day!

I LOVE this brand of flowers, because they last anywhere from one to three years and are real flowers. They feel just like any other roses to the touch, and the smell is AMAZING!! I am so excited to have these beautiful flowers with me for at least one year! They require no maintenance at all.

You can shop their website here!



The Golden Hanger prepares for U.A. sorority parents weekend

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The Golden Hanger womens’ contemporary boutique located in downtown Tuscaloosa, Alabama prepares at least a week in advance for the physical store appearance for what’s called “parents weekend,” yet the real, inventory preparation begins long before. Parents weekend is when Panhellenic sororities from the University of Alabama host their parents in Tuscaloosa for weekend-long events and socials, and can even last the span of two-to-three weekends in a row (usually in February) depending on when chapters schedule them. (UA also holds a UA-wide parents weekend.)


Owner, Caroline Grimes, and her college-aged staff’s thoughts and effort towards working towards a successful weekend of events begin in October of the year before at America’s Mart Atlanta. Why is parents weekend such a big deal?

“Parents weekend is one of our largest grossing sales weekends of the entire year.”


Employee Rayne Winters recalls her experience at Atlanta Apparel and looking for merchandise for parents weekends.

“Our target market is usually around the college-aged girl and a little bit older,” she said. “But when we are buying our spring apparel we remember our events such as parents weekend, so we intentionally buy merchandise for customers that are parent-aged.”


The Golden Hanger is open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on the Friday of parents weekend, and is open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturday. A marketing and customer appreciation sales technique that Golden Hanger practices during this high retail sales weekend is theming the weekend as a “flamingo party.”


“Having the store fully stocked with bright, fun, and unique apparel that fits a large age span really attracts our customers, especially those who are in from other cities and states,” explained Winters. “This weekend really kicks off a successful spring and summer at Golden Hanger every year. We’re all smiles and good spirits for this event.”


The Golden Hanger has hosted the flamingo party for the past three years, and some return customers recognize the theme annually. Flamingo decorations are placed throughout the store and the storefront window display, fresh pink flowers are brought in, and a pink refreshment such as Rosé or raspberry lemonade is offered to shoppers.


This year, Golden Hanger is giving back philanthropically to members of Alpha Chi Omega sorority, as 10 percent of its purchases will be donated to Alpha Chi’s philanthropy. In years past, a discount such as 10 percent off an entire purchase has been offered to all customers.

the golden hanger has it’s own hashtag “#staygold”

the golden hanger has it’s own hashtag “#staygold”

customers were greeted with raspberry lemonade with coordinating pink and white straws

customers were greeted with raspberry lemonade with coordinating pink and white straws

the golden hanger’s signature bags that say, “pretty things inside”

the golden hanger’s signature bags that say, “pretty things inside”

this post was done for university of alabama coursework

Lou & Company home + gift boutique hosting Valentine's Day party

TUSCALOOSA, Ala: Lou and Company home and gift boutique located downtown Tuscaloosa, AL is preparing for their annual Valentine’s Day party. Lou & Co. will be hosting other small local businesses such as Bloom Flower Truck and Kate Bakes throughout the day on Thursday, February 14th. The store will be open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., and will be fully stocked with unique Valentine’s Day gifts, serving champagne, and be your one-stop-shop for all of your festive needs.

Lou & Co. is promoting their Valentine’s Day party on their social media platforms and in store, featuring flyers that read, “join us for flowers, bubbly + sweet treats.” This is an all-day event for men, women, and families of all ages looking to handpick their own flower arrangements, eat some sweet baked goods, and buy their Valentine a treat! Lou & Co. will also be hosting an opportunity for their business and shoppers to give back philanthropically, as University of Alabama Panhellenic Sorority members can mention their sorority chapter at check-out for Lou & Co. to donate 10% of their purchase to their chapter’s philanthropy.

Lou & Co.’s Valentine’s Day party is one of many holiday themed events they plan and host throughout the calendar year, so I indulged in conversation with Allie Hicks, a half-year employee at Lou & Co., to see for myself what all fun was in store for shoppers of this event. I was curious to find out just how these special celebrations affected business growth and sales, and Allie informed me that, “we have many loyal customers who look forward to our holiday events and some even make customized wish lists of their favorite items to send to significant others and family members.”


In my conversation with Allie, she also gave me the insider on her favorite details of the upcoming event. “I’m most excited for our new business partnership with Kate Bakes, and our lasting partnership with Bloom Flower Truck to be in attendance. I feel like these partnership parties bring in more customers that normally would not have shopped with us on their own, but leave having discovered brands and items we carry that they will come back for at Lou & Co.” I can’t wait to attend this quite LOVE-able event, and encourage Tuscaloosa locals to attend as well.

the official Lou & company valentine’s day party advertisement

the official Lou & company valentine’s day party advertisement

the storefront on 555 20th avenue is valentine’s day ready!

the storefront on 555 20th avenue is valentine’s day ready!

I captured this photo of some of their featured valentine’s day products!

I captured this photo of some of their featured valentine’s day products!

just a few unique options shoppers will have on valentine’s day

just a few unique options shoppers will have on valentine’s day

[this post is one of my first journalism coursework blog posts- stay tuned for more!]

N Y C-eries / Bergdorf Goodman

Welcome to my New York City series, “N Y C-eries!” Throughout these travel posts, I’m sharing about all of my favorites in New York City! My #1 favorite and desired to go back to as quickly as I can spot in NYC is most definitely Bergdorf Goodman. Bergdorf is located at 754 5th Avenue, neighboring The Plaza Hotel, Central Park, and Fifth Avenue. Bergdorf Goodman opened in 1901, as founder Edwin Goodman actually used to live in an apartment above the store with his family. Bergdorf Goodman is owned by the Neiman Marcus Group, and is home to some of the most luxury fashion in NYC, as well as two restaurants, and many fashion shows used to take place at BG. The staff of BG even once arranged a surprise engagement for a shopper in the main lobby. There is a men’s BG store just across the street, as if the 190,000 square feet store needed more room for women’s fashion.

I created a separate post about the BG Restaurants! You can read my “Dine at Bergdorf Goodman” post here:

You can learn so much about the fascinating BG Legacy through reading the book, “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman,” or watching the documentary “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf Goodman. You can purchase The Bergdorf Goodman Cookbook, as well as “The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman.”

One of the most sought-after fantasies about Bergdorf Goodman is the 200+ window displays each year, seen by a million and a half people every week. The windows are planned months in advance (10 months of planning for holiday windows) and hand-crafted to perfection. To see more about the windows, watch some incredible videos here:

Check out some of my favorite photos I have taken among various trips to Bergdorf Goodman, including window displays, in-store finds, and amazing Christmas ornaments for sale only in BG.

“syle is attitude, attitude, attitude” windows honoring iris apfel, march 2018

“syle is attitude, attitude, attitude” windows honoring iris apfel, march 2018

linda fargo, senior Vice President of bergdorf goodman, holding a bag to her signature shop “linda’s at bg” located inside bergdorf goodman.

linda fargo, senior Vice President of bergdorf goodman, holding a bag to her signature shop “linda’s at bg” located inside bergdorf goodman.


N Y C-eries / Dine at Bergdorf Goodman

Welcome to my New York City series, “N Y C-eries!” I’m sharing all about my favorite spots in New York City through this travel series, and this one is one of my favorite posts! Here, I’m sharing about my favorite restaurant in New York City, the Bergdorf Goodman Cafe. I also am sharing about the new cafe addition to Bergdorf Goodman, Palette by Ashley Longshore. Dining at Bergdorf Goodman is an experience that will make you feel like you own the place, and take you away from the hustle and bustle of Fifth Avenue, and seat you above Central Park to create a rich and relaxing dining experience.

Since opening its doors in 1901, Bergdorf Goodman has blessed the fashion industry with a unique spin on luxury fashion, the fashion social scene, and the most treasurable shopping experiences of a lifetime. Along with each and every floor draped ceiling to floor in designs and pieces most of us can only imagine our closets being filled with, Bergdorf Goodman is also home to one of the most tasteful and eye-candy worthy restaurants in New York City, the Bergdorf Goodman Cafe. Located on the seventh floor of BG, the cafe is my favorite place to dine in NYC. The cafe offers menus for lunch, tea, cocktails, and dinner, and overlooks its neighbors, The Plaza Hotel and Central Park.

Kelly Wearstler, an interior designer from Los Angeles, gracefully decorated the BG Cafe in light blue and cool green, with hand painted wallpaper and exquisite seating. The BG menus feature some of New York fashion icons’ favorites, such as the champagne topped cocktail, The Passionista, the famous Gotham Salad, white chocolate bread pudding, and so much more.

This year, for Christmas, I was gifted the Bergdorf Goodman Cookbook, featuring an array of BG classics and staples, and many that have been on and off the menu from time to time. You can purchase the cookbook in Bergdorf Goodman, or online here:

I absolutely can not wait to get back to New York City and dine at the Bergdorf Goodman cafe! If you’re visiting New York, I HIGHLY recommend a post-shopping lunch at BG!!

when i reserved our lunch, i requested a window seat.

when i reserved our lunch, i requested a window seat.

this was our incredible lunch spread! soo yum.

this was our incredible lunch spread! soo yum.

filet of beef, truffle mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables (one of the best meals of my entire life)

filet of beef, truffle mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables (one of the best meals of my entire life)

lobster mac and cheese

lobster mac and cheese

this was the view out of my lunch window in march 2018

this was the view out of my lunch window in march 2018

A recent addition to Bergdorf Goodman is the Ashley Longshore “Palette” cafe on the beauty level (bottom floor) of Bergdorf Goodman. Ashley Longshore is a New Orleans, LA artist, who is currently the artist in residence at BG. Palette opened in June of 2018, serving brunch, lunch, and cocktails for seating of 50.

This cafe is the most unique brunch stop ever. The artwork that covers the walls is hilarious, incredible, and one-of-a-kind! Though it is very small and can be crowded, the cafe is one that is sure to capture the most fun photos and give you a look at art you don’t see everyday!

I visited Palette this past October and would love to go back! I highly recommend checking it out if you are visiting Bergdorf Goodman!!

i love these glittery diamond entryway walls!

i love these glittery diamond entryway walls!

who couldn’t love this lighting piece made of butterflies?!

who couldn’t love this lighting piece made of butterflies?!

the chairs and placemats are also designed by ashley longshore.

the chairs and placemats are also designed by ashley longshore.

my chocolate outrage cake - heavenly!!

my chocolate outrage cake - heavenly!!

the apple berry crisp pie is also so amazing!

the apple berry crisp pie is also so amazing!


N Y C-eries / Kate Spade New York

Welcome to my New York City series called, “N Y C-eries!”

Through this series, I’m sharing my experiences and personal photos from all of my favorite spots in New York City so far! I love NYC with my entire heart, so I finally pulled out all of my NYC photos from the years I have visited, and decided to share them with you!

In this post, I wanted to share mainly my photos from two Kate Spade stores in New York City. Kate Spade is one of my absolute best style and career inspirations, as she had such an interesting life, leading her to create in my opinion, one of the most bright, unique, and classically chic brands I can think of! Kate Spade did live in New York City with her family, before her death in 2018.

One of my favorites is the Kate Spade New York store at the Rockefeller Center (address: 610 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022), and the other is at 789 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065. Kate Spade has several stores throughout New York City, and I’m sure they are all equally stunning! I love brands’ stores in New York City, because as you probably already know, they are bigger and brighter than their stores anywhere else! These Kate Spade stores, particularly the Rockefeller Center store, carry New York City merchandise that isn’t always offered online or at any other locations, too! The staff among these stores is always super polite and friendly, and I’m always finding so many neat items I want to take home with me!

I personally LOVE the aesthetic in Kate Spade stores (especially these), so I’m always taking a ton of photos to keep for home ideas! Also, some of the decor is available to purchase, which is always a plus for later home decorating ideas!

As you are probably already familiar with the Kate Spade brand, I’ll share my photos with you from the New York City stores and share a few interesting facts I learned about Kate Spade through researching her!

Kate Spade began her career as a journalist at a fashion magazine in New York, but went on to create her own handbag line because she “just couldn’t find any she liked.” She was not married to her husband, Andy Spade, at the time, but the two combined her first name and his last to create the brand name, “Kate Spade.” However, before even marrying and becoming Kate Spade, she had changed her own name to Kate Valentine, from her original name, Kate Brosnahan. The first Kate Spade boutique was opened in SoHo NYC in 1996, then it moved to the headquarters on West 25th Street, NYC.

One of my favorite purchases from the Kate Spade brand are the books. Kate Spade released her own stories in three books, called Manners, Occasions, and Style. The brand also has All In Good Taste, SHE, Places to Go and People to See, and Things We Love.

i love this neon wall at the rockefeller center store!

i love this neon wall at the rockefeller center store!

this catchy and cute phrase is at the madison ave store!

this catchy and cute phrase is at the madison ave store!

i thought this window display was so unique and creative! the boxes were stacked to represent new york city buildings, and shoes at the bottom for taxi traffic! (rockefeller center)

i thought this window display was so unique and creative! the boxes were stacked to represent new york city buildings, and shoes at the bottom for taxi traffic! (rockefeller center)

i love love love the wall colors here! i think this aesthetic is absolutely perfect! (rockefeller center)

i love love love the wall colors here! i think this aesthetic is absolutely perfect! (rockefeller center)

this is just a glimpse at some of the unique nyc merchandise available!

this is just a glimpse at some of the unique nyc merchandise available!

“why hello there. fancy meeting you here. do you come here often? only in manhattan. you don’t say! the frill of it all. let’s grab cocktails. (madison ave)

“why hello there. fancy meeting you here. do you come here often? only in manhattan. you don’t say! the frill of it all. let’s grab cocktails. (madison ave)

rockefeller center

rockefeller center

N Y C-eries / Farewell, Henri Bendel

Welcome to my blog post series, “N Y C-eries,” consisting of posts about my favorite places in all of New York City so far!

This post is rather sad to write, because the iconic Henri Bendel officially closed its doors on January 17, 2019, after being open since 1907. Henri Bendel’s signature was the brown and white striped shopping bag and hatbox, and its flagship store was located at 714 5th Avenue, New York City.

If you’re a Gossip Girl fan, you know that Blair and Serena frequently shopped in Henri Bendel, as HB can be seen in many episodes. As the show was airing weekly, Henri Bendel even did a Gossip Girl themed window display.

Many celebrities were shoppers of Henri Bendel, from Heidi Klum to Taylor Swift to Paris Hilton to Jessica Simpson to Kylie Jenner and more. Bendel frequently referred to its customers on social media as #bendelgirls! HB also frequently did collaborations with artists in store to create exciting and unique products. One of my favorite Henri Bendel product lines was their very own candle line, featuring scents like Manhattan Frost, Winter in New York, Rose All Day, Cashmere, and so many great others. The three-story Fifth Avenue location was truly a staple to Fifth Avenue fashion, and it’s devastating to see it go.

Though Bendel has officially closed its doors and website, you can still read about their brand on their blog website (while still available) here:

Since, unfortunately, I can’t make any Henri Bendel recommendations, I’ll close here and include some of my favorite photos I took on visits to Henri Bendel. HB was one of my favorite stops on the “Gossip Girl Tour” I once did in New York City!


Although Henri Bendel’s shut down product website says “goodbye for now,” we #bendelgirls don’t exactly know what that means, but can only hope that one day we will see the return of Henri Bendel. Til then, xoxo, HB!

N Y C-eries / Tiffany & Co.

Welcome to my New York City series! This post in my series is about the New York City staple, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany’s four story flagship store is located at 727 5th Avenue, New York, NY 1002. Tiffany and Co. was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837. The historical and incredible monument of Fifth Avenue fashion opened in 1940. American icons such as Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt purchased Tiffany for their wives, and women such as Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor wore Tiffany. You can read the entire Tiffany story here:

The Fifth Avenue flagship store is home to one of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered, later named the Tiffany diamond. The Tiffany diamond was for sale in the 1970’s for one day only, priced at $5 million if purchased within 24 hours, but was not sold. It is on regular display on the first floor of Tiffany today, but not for sale. The Tiffany diamond was worn by Audrey Hepburn in publicity photos for the classical film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

If you’ve never watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I highly recommend watching it! I did not expect it to be the way that it was at all, but I LOVE this movie!! There are several adorable Holly Golighly watercolor prints available for sale on various websites :)

One of my favorite things about visiting Tiffany on Fifth Avenue is being greeted by the suit and Tiffany blue tie-wearing doorman, and how friendly the staff is! I loved finding the Audrey Hepburn letter to Tiffany, as well as her framed portrait! If you visit Tiffany & Co., be sure to look for them!

On my next New York City visit, the Blue Box Cafe located on the 4th floor of Tiffany is a “must-do” for me! I am dying to have “breakfast at Tiffany's,” as the breakfast menu is titled, “Breakfast at Tiffany.” You can also order a Blue Box petit four! To see photos of the Tiffany blue cafe and read their menus, you can visit the website here:

Tiffany and Co. is so unique and special to me as I have always adored the jewelry brand and the classic history behind it. On my 18th birthday, my mom and I visited Tiffany where she bought me my first Tiffany necklace! You can also spot a proposal in Tiffany in the movie, “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Here are a few of my photos from my trips to Tiffany!

audrey’s letter to tiffany, dated 1987

audrey’s letter to tiffany, dated 1987

I love this framed photo from the opening scene of breakfast at tiffany’s!

I love this framed photo from the opening scene of breakfast at tiffany’s!

this tiffany christmas tree in store was so big and so incredibly decorated all things tiffany!

this tiffany christmas tree in store was so big and so incredibly decorated all things tiffany!

If you’re visiting New York, stopping in Tiffany is a must! I love how unique and pretty “Tiffany Blue” is, and hope to have it somewhere in my future home, as you can match the exact color to Pantone color 1837. Tiffany Blue is an officially trademarked color, and it’s Pantone number (1837) matches the year Tiffany was founded!

N Y C-eries / The Plaza Hotel

Welcome to my New York City series, “N Y C-eries!”

This post is all about one of the most famous hotels in all of New York City, the Plaza Hotel. The Plaza Hotel is located at 768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019. The Plaza is the scene of many movies and t.v. shows, such as Home Alone 2, The Great Gatsby, 101 Dalmatians, Eloise, Sleepless in Seattle, my favorite movie of all time, Bride Wars, and many more. I hope to stay at the Plaza Hotel on one of my future New York City visits, and if my dream wedding were to come true, it would take place at the Plaza Hotel!

On the lowest level of the Plaza Hotel is the Eloise Boutique, the most precious gem ever! Eloise is one of the Plaza Hotel’s most famous residents, as she came alive through just a book published in 1955. The Eloise Boutique is truly the place to shop all things Eloise. Children can even host their birthday parties at the Eloise Boutique! On Friday afternoons with prior reservation, you can attend “Eloise’s Rather Fancy Teas,” and catch other fancy events from time to time. You can also order from an Eloise Menu at the Plaza’s restaurant, The Palm Court. There is an all day Eloise menu, as well as an Eloise tea menu. All foods on these menus are Eloise taste, such as chicken fingers, burgers, pink vanilla cotton candy, an Eloise root beer float, an Oreo macaron, cold pink lemonade, and much more! You can view the Eloise menus as well as regular menus of The Palm Court here: When I visited the Eloise boutique, I purchased three Eloise postcards that I posted on my bulletin board that are adorable! I can only dream of taking my daughter to the Plaza Hotel to do all the Eloise things one day :)

The Plaza Hotel also features a large portrait of Eloise in the lobby, as well as another in the Eloise boutique. Many people do not know this, but The Plaza also has an entire one-bedroom Eloise suite (adjacent to a Nanny suite), starting at $1000 per night, completely decorated in all pink and Eloise. You can read all about the Eloise suite and see photos here:

The Plaza Hotel also features the Royal Suite, starting at $35,000 per night. The Royal Suite features three bedrooms, a private elevator, a fitness room, a white glove butler service, a grand piano, a 12 person dining table, and many more special accommodations. You can see photos and learn more about the Royal Suite here:

You can visit the Plaza Hotel’s website here:

On my visits to New York City, I love to explore new things inside the Plaza Hotel each time, as it is also neighbors with my favorite NYC store, Bergdorf Goodman. The Plaza Hotel houses several restaurants, such as The Palm Court, The Rose Club for cocktails, The Champagne Bar, and more! The Plaza’s lower level features The Plaza Food Hall, which I highly recommend dining at for a grab-and-go breakfast, or for a nice lunch!

Here are some of my photos from visiting the Plaza Hotel:

These are some of my favorites in the Plaza Boutique!

These are some of my favorites in the Plaza Boutique!

this is the Eloise portrait in the main lobby!

this is the Eloise portrait in the main lobby!

I found these gorgeous fresh flowers inside of the Gramercy Park Flower Shop on the bottom level of the Plaza!

I found these gorgeous fresh flowers inside of the Gramercy Park Flower Shop on the bottom level of the Plaza!


Here are some of my photos from the Eloise Boutique! I am so obsessed!!! You can shop anything and everything Eloise inside this gorgeous and large boutique!


Also, inside of the Plaza Boutique, I discovered one of my favorite New York artists, Michael Storrings! His prints are sold all over New York City in luxury stores. These were two of my favorites I found!

Michael stirrings does an Eloise print every year, and this is his print from 2018 of the Eloise Suite at Christmas!

Michael stirrings does an Eloise print every year, and this is his print from 2018 of the Eloise Suite at Christmas!


On your next visit to New York City, make sure to reserve some time to explore the Plaza Hotel! Research on it’s rich and interesting history, and you may learn of a new secret spot to check out inside!

These are my postcards i purchased at the eloise boutiQue :)

These are my postcards i purchased at the eloise boutiQue :)

N Y C-eries / Dylan’s Candy Bar

Welcome to my mini New York City series that I named, “N Y C-eries!” This post of the series is on my favorite 3-story candy shop in New York City, Dylan’s Candy Bar!

Dylan’s Candy Bar was opened in 2001, and is owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter, Dylan Lauren, with more than 7,000 candies in store! The entrance level of Dylan’s Candy Bar is full of all kinds of candy, where I love to make my own bag of all of my favorite candies! The top floor of Dylan’s features a candy café and bar, serving food, cocktails, and desserts! You can even find cookie dough from Dō, Cookie Dough Confections, (read my post on Dō here: on the café level of Dylan’s! On the bottom floor, you can find a photo-booth, merchandise shop, personalization station, and chocolate fountain where you can order anything dipped in fresh, warm chocolate!

Dylan’s Candy Bar is also famous for being a location in the show, Gossip Girl, in Season 2, Episode 15. One of my favorite things about Dylan's Candy Bar is the wall on the bottom level, where celebrities from around the globe have boxed their favorite candies with their photo and signature, ranging from Oprah Winfrey, to the Kardashian / Jenner family, to Taylor Swift, and many, many more!

Dylan’s Candy Bar is located at 1011 Third Ave (at 60th St) New York, NY 10065. You can check out their website here:

Lately, you may have even seen Dylan’s Candy Bar products inside of Target, as they are doing a seasonal collaboration of special candies! You can shop the collaboration here:

Here are some of my photos to show the bright and colorful whims that make up Dylan’s Candy Bar!

i love to collect shopping bags over time from my favorite stores! i think it is so fun that dylan’s candy bar changes the color of their bags from time to time!

i love to collect shopping bags over time from my favorite stores! i think it is so fun that dylan’s candy bar changes the color of their bags from time to time!

my personal favorites :)

my personal favorites :)

on this trip, i ordered a smore dipped in chocolate!

on this trip, i ordered a smore dipped in chocolate!

these are my photo strips from the photo booth located on the bottom floor of dylan’s

these are my photo strips from the photo booth located on the bottom floor of dylan’s

i once found my name in the personalization shop of dylan’s!

i once found my name in the personalization shop of dylan’s!

This Is my christmas ornament i bought at dylan’s! I get so excited to put it out every year!

This Is my christmas ornament i bought at dylan’s! I get so excited to put it out every year!

N Y C-eries / Central Park

Welcome to my mini New York City series, “N Y C-eries!”

This post is all about my favorite place in all of New York City, Central Park. Central Park, to me, brings busy New York City together in a sense of community, by appreciation of friendships, art, music, community, and nature. Even in the winter season, there are so many new and exciting things taking place inside of Central Park that will mix-it-up among the hustle and bustle of busy New York life.

Located beside neighbors like Bergdorf Goodman, The Plaza Hotel, The American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and more, Central Park drowns in all kinds of rich history, but I wanted to share some of my favorite interesting facts about Central Park! The park can be spotted in over 350 movies, basically any movie that is set in New York City will have scenes in the park. Some of my favorite movies / t.v. shows that include Central Park scenes are: Serendipity, Gossip Girl, 13 Going on 30, Bride Wars, When Harry Met Sally, Elf, Home Alone 2, Friends with Benefits, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 27 Dresses, and so, so many more!

The official website of Central Park can be visited here:

Central Park also is the home of many different restaurants and concession stands, but among my favorites are Tavern on the Green (read my post about Tavern here: and The Loeb Boathouse. You can reach their websites here: and here:

Also in the park is the place of one of my favorite New York memories, the Wollman Ice Skating Rink! You can visit their site here:

Central Park offers a variety of different tours, such as Central Park Movie Tours, and horse and carriage tours. Central Park features it’s very own carousel, as well as the Central Park Zoo ( There are also several Central Park apps to help you navigate around and learn all about the park!

my view of Central Park from the top of the Rockefeller

my view of Central Park from the top of the Rockefeller

the Central Park squirrels LOVE to be fed!

the Central Park squirrels LOVE to be fed!


When visiting New York City, I recommend to save a whole day or half-day for walking around and exploring Central Park!

N Y C-eries / Tavern on the Green

Welcome to my mini New York City series called “N Y C-eries!”

This article of the series is on one of my favorite New York restaurants, particularly for breakfast / brunch, called Tavern on the Green! Located in the heart of Central Park, Tavern on the Green can be found at Central Park, W 67th St, New York, NY 10023. Tavern on the Green was built as a sheep house in the 1880’s and became a restaurant in 1934. Tavern has undergone renovations over time, but the currently operating restaurant was reopened in 2014. Their menus change among the seasons, and brunch is only served on the weekends.

One of the reasons I love Tavern on the Green is because of the glass-wall views of Central Park, and the way the natural light brings personality and good radiance into your dining experience. There is also a beautiful outdoor seating area, lit with café style lighting, that is open during warm seasons. Tavern is used for many receptions and wedding activities, and can be seen in several New York movies, such as New York, I Love You, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Hitch, and more.

You can check out Tavern on the Green’s website to learn more about their history, make reservations, see press articles and photos, and read their current menus here:

You can also make Tavern on the Green reservations on OpenTable here:

Here are some of my photos from Tavern on the Green (featuring my post-brunch birthday cake and ice cream!)

I just simply ordered a piece of birthday cake, but was so amazed by this spread!!

I just simply ordered a piece of birthday cake, but was so amazed by this spread!!

the “triple maple brown sugar bacon” is H E A V E N L Y

the “triple maple brown sugar bacon” is H E A V E N L Y


Here are a few photos of Tavern on the Green in the movies!

Tavern on the Green in Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Tavern on the Green in Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Tavern on the Green in New York, I Love You

Tavern on the Green in New York, I Love You

When visiting New York City, dining at Tavern on the Green in beautiful Central Park is a must!


N Y C-eries / Serendipity 3

Welcome to my super fun series all about my favorite places in New York, called “N Y C-eries!”

In this post, I wanted to share one of my favorite dessert stops in New York City, Serendipity 3! Known mostly as just, “Serendipity,” the “3” shown on the storefront represents the three friends who opened the café in 1954.

Serendipity is famous in many ways, beginning with one of my all-time favorite movies, “Serendipity.” If you have not watched Serendipity or are not familiar with the movie and/or restaurant, I HIGHLY recommend this romantic drama, based on the actual restaurant Serendipity 3, that will have you hooked in an instant. Serendipity’s most famous menu item is the Frozen Hot Chocolate that has been served over 25 MILLION times, which I have ordered on every visit and never been let down from! On any given night, you can expect around a 2 to 3 hour wait to be seated inside Serendipity, but luckily it is right around the corner from Bloomingdales and Dylan’s Candy Bar to keep you occupied and held over until your dinner and/or dessert!

Many celebrities ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Justin Bieber to Jackie Kennedy, who was denied the recipe of the Frozen Hot Chocolate to serve at the White House, have dined in Serendipity. The restaurant is decorated in vintage and colorful unique finds, and at Christmas, is covered in pinks, purples, and greens.

My favorite fun fact about Serendipity is that there is a version of Frozen Hot Chocolate that you can order for $25,000 :) The history of Serendipity is so rich and cherished among New York and visitors! You can even buy a “Sweet Serendipity” cookbook!

Serendipity 3 is located at: 225 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022.

Here are some of my personal photos from dining in Serendipity and of my favorite, the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate!

the frozen hot chocolate

the frozen hot chocolate

birthday treats at serendipity!

birthday treats at serendipity!


You can learn more about Serendipity III at their website here:

I hope you will visit Serendipity on your next visit to New York City, and in the meantime, I hope you will enjoy watching the movie, “Serendipity!”


N Y C-eries / Cookie Dō NYC

Welcome to the travel portion of my blog! I am so excited to finally be blogging about my favorite travel experiences throughout the years, and future travel experiences!


To begin my travel column, I wanted to share a series of posts about some of my favorite places in New York City, so I named this series “N Y C-eries!” New York City, being the incredibly large tourist spot that it is, can have some really populated and well-known areas and places, but I am always surprised when someone has never heard of one of my best recommendations, so that’s where my inspiration came from to post a mini NYC series.


I wanted my first post of this series to be on Dō, Cookie Dough Confections NYC, a bright pink mixture of one of my most guilty pleasures and one of my favorite stops in New York City!


Dō is owned by Kristen Tomlan, who moved to New York City following school for design to work for a brand consultant firm, but later opened her own bright pink, polka-dot-themed and aesthetically pleasing cookie dough confections gem. You can check out the Dō, Cookie Dough Confections website here:, where you can shop their yummy products and merchandise online, read their story, and even read their adorable blogs! I am so eager to attend one of their baking classes on a visit to NYC!

Dō is located in Greenwich Village and was New York City’s very first raw cookie dough shop, just a few short blocks away from Washington Square Park.

Dō is located at 550 Laguardia Pl, New York, New York 10012.

 I was first introduced to Dō on Instagram, as it became an Instagrammer’s must-do in New York City. I made my first trip to Dō in March of 2018, just as lines had slowed down from being literally hours long wait time. The confectionary shop is decorated in bright colors and neon lights, and offers safe-to-eat raw cookie dough of many flavors with toppings to add, along with cupcakes, cookies, souvenirs, merchandise, and more!

Here’s a look at Cookie Dō through some of my personal photos taken on my visits!

my first Cookie Dō visit :)

my first Cookie Dō visit :)

my favorite flavor - the traditional chocolate chip cookie dough

my favorite flavor - the traditional chocolate chip cookie dough

cookie dough cheers <3

cookie dough cheers <3


I love to visit Dō in search of a sweet treat and a mood booster! If you’re visiting New York, I highly recommend visiting - and check out their Instagram for holiday and store pop-up-shops around NYC!

You can follow their Instagram here:

Watch the Insider Cookie Dō NYC video here:



cookie dō New York city

Valentines Day in Style

We are officially one month away from Valentines Day, so I wanted to share some of my favorite Valentines outfit pieces! Whether you’re celebrating Valentines or Galentines, you’re sure to look sweet in anything pink, red, hearts, kisses, or X’s and O’s! These are some of my favorite Valentines picks, ranging from cozy loungewear sweatshirts you can binge watch romance movies with your girlfriends in with pizza + wine, or dress up with distressed jeans and a statement clutch for a date with your bae. I also included a couple of dress up options as well as a few amazing scarves!


Kisses Sweater

I’m loving this sweater because it can be worn year round! This one would be adorable on a tropical vacation with a red bikini and your favorite champagne and a cheese board :)

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.32.41 PM.png

Valentina Strapless Peplum Top

I am in love with this top and would say this one is my #1 pick for a Valentines date with your man. I would pair with black wax coated jeans and an edgy black bootie for a romantic nighttime dinner.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.34.42 PM.png

Chaser Heart on Sleeves Sweater

I love this pink and red combo loungewear set! The pieces are purchased separately, so even just the top is adorable!

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 2.26.57 PM.png

 B&W Heart Sweater

This sweater can of course be worn any time in the year, but is so cute to sport the entire month of February! I love to wear sweaters like this one with black jeans to work or just out-and-about during the day.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.35.24 PM.png

 Wildfox Kiss Me Sweater

I love love love this sweatshirt! I actually just ordered this one for myself because it’s on sale (in the link below)! This one would be so cute dressed up for a Valentines Day lunch and also cute to wear as an everyday outfit or layering piece for loungewear/class wear for college girls.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.36.13 PM.png

 Wildfox Love Potion Sweater

This is the PERFECT Galentines piece! For all the wine lovers, I think this sweatshirt is great!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.36.38 PM.png

Kate Spade Pink and Red Pom Scarf

I am in LOVE with this scarf! I think this one can definitely be worn all winter long, but is perfect for all of February!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.37.22 PM.png

Pink and Red Faux Fur Colorblock Scarf

This scarf is oversized and ahhh-mazing! You are sure to make a statement wearing this one wherever you go! It looks super warm and cozy, too!


Cami NYC The Charlie CDC Cami

This pink cami is another great Valentines nighttime date option! If you’re bold enough to wear winter white pants like styled below, go you!, but if not, I would pair again with a black wax coated jean with booties. This cami can be worn again multiple times throughout spring and summer, and lace-up can be worn in the front or in the back.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.38.09 PM.png

Kate Spade Pink and Red Hearts Scarf

This scarf also comes in a black & white colorway, but I love the red and pink! This one is a more casual style, so it would pair well with a solid sweater and black jeans!


Mini Heart V Neck Sweater

This sweater is the absolute perfect Valentines Day sweater! I think this one is too cute to pass up and styles very classically with denim like in the photo here.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.38.56 PM.png

 Wildfox Smooches Tee

You can’t go wrong with this tee! This one can be worn to work, during day time and nighttime casually, and dressed up! I think even for a local dinner at a funky restaurant, you could even tuck this one in all the way or just in the front with black jeans, and throw on a black leather jacket on top and it would be so edgy and adorable!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.39.50 PM.png

 Hot Pink Turtleneck Sweater

I personally love the trend of the hot pink sweater this winter! I think this one is great color and is very unique in shape and cut. It’s also very inexpensive in my link below! A great dinner option for Valentines Day!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.43.40 PM.png

 Candy Hearts Tee

For the blogger or Instagram lover, this tee is so cute for Valentines! This one styles perfectly with denim and could pair with a colored jacket on top.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.48.19 PM.png

 Popsugar Red and Pink Stripe Sweater

Lately I have been OBSESSED with a red and pink color scheme, so this sweater is the cutest ever to me, and it’s very inexpensive! I ordered the exact same one just in a star print for Christmas, and it is so comfortable, so I definitely personally recommend.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.50.58 PM.png

 Wildfox Lovestruck Sweater

Again, another sweatshirt, but this classic can be worn all year long, too! Too cute!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.55.59 PM.png

 Scattered Hearts Leggings

I am in love with these leggings! They look super comfortable and the hearts are so chic and fun. I think you are sure to get many compliments on these leggings and stand out of the crowd in the most stylish way possible! I would wear these everyday in February <3

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.56.58 PM.png

 Heart Stopper Sweater Dress

I think this entire outfit WINS Valentines Day 2019. This sweater dress is simply amazing and the shoes shown with are stunning!! If you can rock this one, you’re killing it this Valentines!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.58.22 PM.png

Pink Heart Crew Sweater

This adorable sweater is easy-to-style and a go-to for all year round! This one can be worn multiple times over again!

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 2.30.57 PM.png

 Tiny Hearts Sweatpants

These sweatpants look so extremely comfortable, so if you’re a Galentine this year, you definitely need these! Treat yourself :)

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.00.08 PM.png

 Kate Spade Sweetheart I Love You Scarf

This scarf would be precious over a white or light pink sweater for a Valentines date! I love this one so much.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.40.22 PM.png

 Kate Spade Floral Scarf

If you have some awesome red booties to wear this year, this scarf would compliment PERFECTLY! I love this color scheme, and I know this scarf would brighten up a monochromatic black outfit stunningly.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.40.53 PM.png

 Kate Spade Heartbeat Scarf

This scarf just sums up the month of February to me and would go great over a black sweater dress for any Valentines outing or especially party!

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 9.41.17 PM.png

MILLY Kiss Dress

I’m not quite sure if I will ever have a Valentines event dressy enough for this one, but I had to include it because it is a design DREAM. I am obsessed with the leopard-turned-kisses and love the silhouette. This one is jaw-dropping.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 1.53.18 AM.png

Kate Spade Heart Sweater

Lastly, a splurge of a sweater, but too precious not to include. If I were spending Valentines in a city, I think I’d have to order this one! Just so cute and would be amazing with a black fit and flare skirt.

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.03.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 10.55.13 PM.png